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Vicki Salz, "Frog Jump"

Vicky Salz hails from Weequahic, the section of Newark made famous by Philip Roth.  She is currently a social worker, but was previously a Physical Education teacher.  Notorious amongst her friends as an inveterate collector, she also plays a mean kazoo.


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Gosh, a first for OJTJ -- a not-funny one.

You’re a tough room George - give her a break.

Sometimes I think that the Italian jokes would be better told by old Italians.

Poor frog. That joke was sick, but not so funnyish at all.

That was a funny joke Where is your sense of humor!!


I vote for VERY funny!!

Correct punch line: "Froggy with no legs -- go deaf."

That one reminds me of the story about the fantastic pig.

I know this one with a different punch line - the scientist writes on his notebook: conclusion of the experiment - frogs listen with their legs.

Vicky, I think you have a real talent for this line of work. Give up the social work!!!!!

My late father, Leo, would have loved this joke! He went to Weequahic High, I grew up singing the fight song. He told me once they only won one football game the whole four years he was there! His father owned Harry's on Fabyan Place. Thanks for the laugh, Vicki! Love this site!

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