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Ricky Cohen, "Chicken"

Ricky Cohen is a graduate of Princeton and Yale Law School. At Princeton, he played on the golf team. As a judge, he sat on the Appellate Division of the New Jersey Superior Court. He is also an avid sailor.


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Way too long with a weak punchline. Sorry.

Long, but a cute joke. Nice to see it posted!

agedn 20 years waiting for the punch line

Ricky, you had the wrong "chicken" bringing the lawsuit and the joke was way too long.
Nice presentation but I would not have been happy bringing an appeal to your courtroom and waiting until "Tisha Ba'ov" for the decision.

I think the joke had excellent timing. Kudos!!

I laughed, that's all that matters!! Very cute.

love this. the point is that certain old-jew way of telling jokes...

Honorable Cohen; your delivery was in the grand traddition of Jewish comedy... thanks for doing your part in helping record this rich and fading genre

that was so funny - thanks
princeton - the orange bubble - way to go.. glad to see you're still laughing
glad you're a fellow sailor - at least you'd be a good companion on a cruise!

the guy who thought it way too long - you may have add - try yoga - learn to focus
live..laugh ..love
best, nicole

Well, as someone that's desperately studying Contracts Law for a midterm right now, I LOLed!

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