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Neil Lawner, "White Wedding"

Neil Lawner is a very accomplished still photographer who has been exhibited often.  One of his images hangs in my father's law office.


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Having been married to a lawyer, I can attest this is true.

This wonderful man was my boss for many years. He's got a million jokes and I miss every one of them!!

Tell me the truth- You cut out a part of his joke - the part where he describes what the lady got from the stamp collector. Yes??
I wonder why? I would not have been offended at all.

This made me literally laugh out loud. The third one needed no explanation and was a great take off to the punchline.

I'm unable to run any joke uninterrupted. The video just stops after a few seconds. Any idea why?

LIke the other poster, this one made me guffaw out loud. I think the fact that he laughed as he said it helped. Delivery is SO important

Love the site...but can't email jokes to friends. Where do you write in the 'capcha' ?

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