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Michael Goldberg, "Honda"

In his spare time, to unwind from his work at the hospital, Michael Goldberg races Ferraris.


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very good ..... keeps run to the end:)))pun intented

that supposed to be...... keeps us right to the end
Thanks Michael for the good laugh!

What's with the crappy ads? :(

Great site, I check for "the new material" a couple times a week. Watching the delivery makes even the one you've heard over and over, a hoot.

That reminds me of a variation. The great American actor, Henry Fonda, noticed that he was passing gas more often then normal, so he went to seek medical advice. "How can I eliminate the flatulence," he asked his physician. "Drink lots of absinthe," recommended the doctor, "because absinthe makes makes the fart go, Fonda."

The topic made me laugh, and the punch line did me in. Well told, and overcomes the poor editing - clipped lines.

Now, how about a Passover joke?

This is great. Thanks for putting this site on the web!

Great site!

I first heard this joke in 1976...my photography teacher, Garry Winogrand, told it in class, with slight variations. Still a classic.

Just saw posting by Mason Resnick, a relative. Your late
father, Seymour, could tell a joke, but the greatest joke
teller I ever knew was your uncle, Alvin.

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