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Joel Leizer, "Centipede"

Joel Leizer has no additional biographical information this week.  That's because he's a man of mystery.


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This one might be my favorite so far!

i love this site & i'm not even jewish!! these jokes are spectacular. good luck with your work. i'm excited to see where this takes you! this website is a big hit in my law firm (mostly jewish) & i'm glad i was able to hear about it.


There was a rabbi in eastern Europe who was known far and wide for his wisdom. A young student, burning with zeal to understand the mysteries of life, traveled many miles to see him. "Rebbe," he said, "I have come many miles to see you. Can you tell me, what is the meaning of life."

The rabbi paused for a long while, stroked his beard, and said, "My son, life is like a river.''

"Life is like a river," said the young man. "How so?"

"All right," said the rabbi, "so maybe it's not like a river."

My six-year-old daughter, Zohar, really, really likes this joke. She makes me play this over and over. It's sure to be a big hit with her kindergarten class, especially since they are learning about bugs.

BTW, I like it too.

The centipede finaly gets all his shoes on and they go to the corner bar. The pet owner orders a beer and puts the centipede on the bar. When the bartender brings the beer he syas "bartender do you see this centipede?" The bartender looks and smashes the centipede with his fist and says 'Sorry sir, the beer's on the house!".

ha! that was great. timing and inflection is everything.

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