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Barnett Hoffman, "Morris and Jake"

The last joke of the season is, appropriately, my dad. I hope everyone has enjoyed watching the first season of jokes as much as we enjoyed making them. We will debut the next round of jokes in June. Please watch this site for an announcement about our launch date. In the meantime, please keep enjoying your favorite jokes.


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I like this site a lot!!!
I also like some of the 'gentile jokes' They are online if you simply google 'gentile jokes'You've all probably heard/read them.

The better one is at doing jewish accents the better this joke would be. I'm not good at all with accents.

Two jewish tailors are talking=
"Oy am I in trouble" say the first one. "I owe so much to the bank, to the IRS and many others. I don't know what I'm going to do. This could be the end."

"Ah I wish I were Rothschild," replied the second tailor. If I were Rothschild I wouldn't have to worry about such things."

"If I were Rothschild," the first one answered, "I would be richer than Rothschild."

"But if you were Rothschild how could you possibly be richer than Rothschild?" the second tailor asked.

"Because I would still do a little tailoring on the side."

I would love to hear your jokes, but either your website is not working correctly or it is my computer. please let me know.

Thank you so much,

Naomi Goldstein

We have a collection of engineering jokes. Do you have any that might be appropriate for us to "borrow?"

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