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Ronnie Busch, "Emissions"

Ronnie Busch is the third Busch brother to tell a joke on the site. He has always been remarkably fast with a one-liner. When I decided, after college, to forgo law school and go into the movie business he quipped "Great! Rin-tin-tin needs a stand-in."

It turned out not to be true. Rin-tin-tin has this little bitch he's been working with for years.


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Figures. Rossmoor in Cranbury, NJ, is full of flatulent, altacockers like Mr. Ginsberg...

I married into the Busch family over 20 years ago, and by now I thought I had heard every single joke the brothers (and their many cousins) have ever told. And every time I see them I'm fortunate enough to hear any new ones they have picked up.

So, imagine my surprise that I hadn't heard this one. That great punch line took me a heartbeat to get, and left me laughing on the floor!

Great delivery as usual Ron! Wonderful site Sam!

can we still view the past jokes - I love to hear Brocolli

I love this site. All of these jokes and joke-tellers are amazing.

I absolutely love this site! I am a middle-aged Irish Catholic hooked on Jewish humor! These guys are great! I hope I havent missed any. My first entry and one of my favorites is "Plumber" I can hardly wait for the new jokes on Tuesday and Thursday. This is such great fun! Thank you.

Love this site. What a great idea!

Ronald: I'm so proud of you-you are so funny.
Tanta Chaika

I am always very busy. Especially on Friday, as I need to make a dinner for Shabbat. This Friday morning, I said to myself, the hell with it, I am going to listen to these Jewish Jokes. Surprise, It caused my day to begin with a laugh and a smile. Thanks Malka

what happened to broccoli


im still laughing at the gas emissions joke
i lovethem
keep em comming.

so we laughed our a___s off. very cute, will reccommend to all my jewish friends when do you get new material

I know from my name you wouldnt think Im Jewish, but I am and so is my husband. Anyway, thank you for the centipede joke; my Dad used to tell that one but he's gone now. It was so nice to hear another great guy tell it. And I had forgotten it, so now I have a sweet memory of my dad reclaimed.

Can anyone recount any Lou Holtz (the Borscht Belter not the football coach) 'Sam Lapides' jokes?

this joke goes a little different and a little longer - and excuse my language, but that's the way the joke goes.

the guy goes to doctor and complains about farting, a lot, and adds that not only are they 'silent', but they don't smell either. sure enough, while he's telling this to the doctor, he farts seven or eight times. so the doctor checks him out and checks him out, and finally he prescribes some pills and says 'take these pills twice a day for two weeks and then come back and see me.' so the guy takes the pills, twice a day for two weeks, comes back, and tells the doctor 'well, doctor, i took the pills, twice a day for two weeks, just like you told me, and, well, i'm still farting a lot. and not only am i still farting a lot, but the farts are now really smelly!' so the doctor says to the guy 'well, it looks like you have your sense of smell back, now let's see what we can do about your hearing!'

so that's how that joke is supposed to go, not short like that.


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