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Malcolm Busch, "The Pope"

Malcolm's son Andrew was in my geometry class in high school.  As I recall, he was a master of the Pythagorean theorem.  Now he's a Rabbi.

Go figure.


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You are the funniest Busch brother

This is so funny. I really miss my Uncle Chuck.

He would have been great on this.


This joke is one that my father has always told extremely well. What is important to note is that he first heard this joke from his mother, Jeanette Hoffman Busch. She would be cracking up at the jokes on this site, and would probably wanting to add her own. Thanks to Sam, and everyone for making these guys (and gals) legendary.

This site always makes me laugh! It's like Levy's rye bread: You don't have to be Jewish to love it.

What is the rationale for not providing access to all of the jokes.The older ones are quite funny.

one of my favurites:Sam, Dave and Yossel meet every morning for cofee. One day Sam says, 'tell me the truth,guys, when did you last have sex?' Dave says, 'after all these years, Sadie and I have sex every day.' Yossel says, 'well, we aren't young men anymore. Bessie and I only have sex once a week.' Sam says,'Ican't believe what I'm hearing. What's your secret?' Both answer,'Levy's rye bread.' So Sam goes to the bakery in the mall and asks for a dozen loaves of Levy's rye bread. The saleswoman says,'Do you really mean that? Don't you know it'll get hard." 'Look at that,' says Sam,'everybody knew bur me.'

How do I get on?
This guy goes into a bar and sees a fantastic woman yada yada yada
not what you think it is.
Got a phone # I'll give you the rest.
Borsch belt humor or bada bing'love your site.

Malcolm, you told the joke very well. The joke starts off as a shaggy dog story enriched by entertaining cultural references and the contrast between positive and negative attitudes of contrasting personalities. Then in the end the surprise was that it turned into a totally unexpected joke from a very unexpected source. Keep up the good work.


Love the site, it's great PLEASE keep it up, best humor around

That joke was rubbish, the longest setup ever and then the punchline wasn't funny whatsoever.

It's an old George Jessel joke, as I recall, though I remember the punchline to have been: "What'd he [the Pope] say?" He said, "Where'd you get that lousy haircut?"

I am sitting at work laughing my brains out! I just emailed this site to a dozen friends and family. It so brings me back to the days of the comedy albums of Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner and the "You Don't Have to be Jewish" skits. We didn't watch TV during dinner, we listened to these albums over and over and laughed as a family. What a great time. Thanks for bringing the best humor back into my life.

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