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Larry Donsky, "Baby"

In addition to meeting my father, Larry also met his wife Susan at Camp Delwood. They have been married close to 50 years.


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I hate the ads! I hated the pop-ups before and now I hate the pre-rolls. I love the jokes but I hate the ads!

@Daniella: Seconded!

I am not sure if I like to hear the music more than the joke!
Love that klezmer, don't hear it much in Oklahoma!

I agree. The site jokes are totally delightful but the music before the jokes is really very irritating and makes me reluctant to listen to the next joke. Try and get the music to just come up when one opens the first joke, please, and then I'll pass this on to many people.

Please shut down this site - I haven't done any work for 2 days!!
PS If you don't shut it down, don't remove the music - I love it!

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