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Joel Leizer, "Pork"

Joel Leizer runs an extremely busy dental practice and is a former President of the New Jersey Dental Association. He is an avid golfer,  a proud grandfather and his favorite time for a dental appointment is 2:30. Sorry, I couldn't resist.


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Great hanging out with international celebrities like you... and you cook too. WOW, I'm impressed.

A great joke told very well. I will tell this joke further!

I wish you could make the jokes LOUDER!!! I'm trying to play them for my 93 year old Jewish mama, and the volume is pretty low......at least, for her! I've tried everything on my end to no avail.

I love this one and many others. I'm going to showcase this site at a class on Jewish Humor I'll be teaching for Elderhostel in WI this summer. Can't wait to see the new material!

I have many old jewish jokes. Do you wish to use them?

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