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Jerry Block, "Heaven"

Jerry Block sells commercial real estate. This isn't his first time in front of the camera. A few years ago, he was surreptitiously filmed while taking a New York City taxi and ended up in a Bud Lite commercial.


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You removed your MOM and "BROCCOLI!" Hey! They're all great but she was clearly the best!!!

Hi! Love these and look forward to them every week - but please do not remove them! I loved BROCCOLI too, and often linked new folks to it. Hope you decide to archive them all.
Thanks very much fot having this site!

I love how jokes seem to transcend borders. This is a popular one here too, in Belgium.

Bring back BROCCOLI!

Do any of your wonderful "story tellers" know this one which you are free to use.

Sol goes to his doctor to get the results of his tests.

The doctor says," Sol, I'm sorry to tell you but you don't have very long to live. You only have Ten..."

Sol interrupts him and says, "TEN ? TEN WHAT ? " TEN YEARS? TEN MONTHS ?, TEN WEEKS ? WHAT ?


how do i get on your mail list ?

This website is great. Thank you.

Do you have any Emil Cohen videos?

Is there any way to mark the ones you've heard?

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