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BONUS VIDEO: Monday Night Football's Tony Kornheiser, "Sadie"

Monday Night Football's Tony Kornheiser mentions Old Jews Telling Jokes on WashingtonPost.com's Talking Points, March 24, 2009.  See the full episode here!

(Special thanks to the Washington Post, Tony Kornheiser, Cindy Boren, and OJTJ fan Bill Stein who called this to our attention.)


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Any chance for a dispensation for an" old gentile telling jokes"? Married for over 37 years to a nice Jewish girl. We keep our marriage going by eating out twice a week. I go on Monday and Wednesday and she goes on Tuesday and Thursday. Once when we went out together ,she said" take me someplace I haven't been before". So I took her to our kitchen. I'm looking forward to our 38th anniversary. it is quite a milestone,being in love with the same woman for 38 years. An if my wife finds out I am dead!
Anyhow, I can be in New Jersey in no time (grew up in Hoboken) and,as a college professor( I can't afford to retire like some of the schlemiels in your video), my timing is impeccable.
Absolutely love the site.

love this web site!!
good job!!
and keep'm comin!!

Hysterical!! I love this web-site!

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