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Allen Pinsky, "Mr. Rabinowitz"

Allen Pinsky also went to Camp Delwood with my dad. Then they lived in the same community in Central New Jersey for many years, but my father never recognized him because he didn't have white hair when they were kids at summer camp.


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This is the best site I have seen in a long time. It makes me laugh and remember good times from Philly/Upper Darby/Broomall, PA.

Keep up the postings.
Green Valley, Arizona

allen pinsky is an old friend. do you have an e-mail address for him?

I LOVE this site!! What a service you are doing.
Can I download it onto my ipod.. It is listed on IYunes, but it won't play.
Please let me know as I want to share it with everyone.
JO Ann

My dad sent me this link and I've been addicted ever since. No one tells jokes anymore so this is like in the old days sitting in our living room while someone inevitably told the joke of the week. Gives me my daily chuckle. It would be great to hear someone tell the "Plotniker curse" joke.

For Ivy Tolchinsky: It's not "old Jews", but my kids performed the "Plotnick Curse" 2 years ago at The Ponds Talent Show...see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXScXn0CKGo (it's the third skit).

I worked Allen for many yrs. He is great. SHoul dhave a full show.

Allen and I worked together for 12 years at Newark Beth Israel. Mazel Tov Allen!!

corny i have heard better. like the vommen on the bus if nobobody has heard this one you do not even know a real jewish joke and the word is vat var he go and a real jewish home is no bedroom and vat is a kitchen ....... married to a italian jew somebody comment on that .the mystery jew by injection.....


Can't open video. Any suggestions?

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