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Alan Gordon, "Jake & Becky"

Alan Gordon was an executive at a local paper distribution company when we were in high school. Some of us worked for him in the summer.  We rode around the massive warehouse on a pallet jack, picking loads for the trucks to deliver. We got a Teamsters card and overtime after 5pm. I used to try and remember all the words to American Pie as I rode around the warehouse. It helped pass the time.


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Great joke!

What a pleasure to have humor we can share with old friends...everyone is a pearl...Thank you for providing this ...it's like a Shabbas treat.

Joe COhen

Something is broken, it stalls at 17 seconds. Please fix it because it seems like it's gonna be funny!

This is just tooo great! Only wish my parents were alive to share it. Almost plotzed with each joke - keep it up.

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