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Neil Lawner, "Honeymoon"

Neil Lawner and his partner were the most popular orthodontists in Central New Jersey when we were growing up. When my mother took me in for an exam, his partner suggested that they would have to remove four of my teeth before giving me braces. My mother told him politely that I had room in my mouth for all of my teeth and probably some extras. Then she took me to the second most popular orthodontist.


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Just fantastic.

What's to comment about, I just like jokes

The video is fine, but the audio is nonexistent!. (Tried two jokes.)

Neil, as always, an inpecable delivery. Miss you around here.

i love these jokes, i have some great ones as well!!

Great work. Love the schmaltz

Keep them coming....look forward to every Tuesday and Thursday!!

Dr. Lanwer makes Mondays and Thursdays unforgettable at NYU-College of Dentistry.

was the second most popular orthodontist dr. dubin?

Great joke Doc. Great hat. Can't wait to hear the next one. Love this site.

Great to see Neil in his new career as a stand-up comic!

Oh man, this is hilarious. Living in Virginia Beach, VA, I know all too well about our city neighbor, Norfolk, VA. While people outside the region say it as Nor-folk, us locals around here pronounce Norfolk as "Nah-fack" or "Nor-f**k".

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