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Michael Goldberg, "Plumber"

Dr. Michael Goldberg worked with my mom at St. Peter's hospital. I wouldn't have thought that there were funny Gynecologic Oncologists, but there you are.


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What a wonderful idea! Real people telling jokes! I love it. Being mostly housebound I appreciate the pseudo-party atmosphere? of the joke teller. Good job Sam. Keep it up, please.

Great idea. How big is the audience?

My grandmother tells this same joke! Keep 'em coming, these are great.


i feel stupid, but i dont get it. can someone explain it to me?

The plumber doesnt know that there is no Rabbi he sees the Yamika and thinks there was a Rabbi between her legs

Your joke brings me back to wonderful nostalgic memories of my childhood, old family gatherings, and all that was good about growing up Jewish.

Michael Goldberg and I met the first day of our internships in
July 1971 and we have been best friends ever since. The person
telling the rabbi joke is very funny and obviously an impostor.

Is it true this is filmed in Highland Park, N.J. I am class of '70, North Tenth Ave. Party on Wayne.

Most excellent. I will return every Tuesday.

Great. My husband could be a star here. Where is the filming done. If it is in Highland Park, Il, we are there from time to time as our daughter and family lives there. I would love to have my husband do a segment as he is great.

The joke is 20+ years old & I got garnered great laughs for it and the many others I heard. I put them into a "little black book" with notes for gag lines. It's traveling sales people who come up with the best material & test out their shict in Hotel bars or restaurants. It's a way for travelers to try & make things less boring: but it never took the place of being home, just softened the edges.

PS: To Idgie_jsjkn, try & imagine looking DOWN and seeing a yarmulke bobbing under the H2O. I hope this helps.


Laughed out Loud, very loud. thanks

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