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Malcolm Busch, "Drobkin"

Malcolm Busch is a first-cousin of my father's. "Drobkin" is an outstanding example of a story that is well-practiced and honed to perfection. I especially love his use of the word "stripling." Right now, I laughed a little just typing that word. Stripling.


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First-I love your site. What a clever and funny idea. Second, I tell one very Jewish joke very well and get asked to tell it often. If you don't have someone to tell it, I'd be glad to-I am Jewish and 68 years old.

Okay. That's *funny.*

You may not know it, but your website was plugged last weekend by one of the more respectable British dailies. I am so glad it was - I loved most of the jokes (although this old Jew had some difficulty hearing some of them first time round), as well as those who told them.

Like most people, I have some favourites of my own but I won't impose them on you unless requested.

Peter Roland

I was watching the little timer bar and thinking where's the funny part and just BURST out laughing at the punchline.

I loved this one. I also was quite impressed with the word stipling. He must be a fun guy to have in the family.

BTW I don't know how your advertising works but there was an ad from ELAM ministries on the viewing square and I missed the first few minutes of the joke because I was busy wondering why there was a Christian missionary ad on this site. I really don't like Christians trying to attract Jews. Others may feel this way as well so if there is any way to avoid this kind of advertising I would.

Not only is this funny, and the word stipling is wordtastic, Malcom and I share the same birthday! He's a bisel older.


The Dropkin joke is wonderful and told well. However, I hate
to point out the same joke is told by Shehrazadeh in A Thousand
And One Nights which was published about 1000 years ago.

You wanted a new joke? Boy, are you in the wrong place!


Made me laugh out loud! Thanks!

How come we never heard these things in the office? Have fun, you guys!!

I have watched Mr. Busch tell this joke five times or so and I laugh out loud every time. He is perfect!

I first heard this one as when Ali farted in the bazaar, but it is still very funny.

As a professional comic emcee I have to say this is the funniest joke I have heard in years, and told perfectly. I have passed this joke on, as well as this site, to many many people in the industry. Keep up the good work... before and after the Drobkin fart.

This joke was funny, the delivery was funnier. All of the jokes made me laugh until I cried. Thank you, thank you for putting together this website. Keep 'em coming

If I'm having a rough day, I replay the Drobkin joke....and all is well in the world.....laugh out loud each time

It's been three days since I viewed this joke--and I'm still laughing!!

I laughed so hard I couldn't type my e-mail to thank my wife's cousin who sent me the link. And when I show it to others, I can't watch it without laughing.

Thanks to Malcolm Busch and all who made this site come to be.

Laughter is indeed the best medicine.

This has to be the funniest joke I've heard in years and it was told masterfully. The only thing I can't figure out is why my father or, even more so, my Uncle who was a better joke teller never told this one. I'm still laughing 15 minutes later.

I laughed so hard I saw stars. Twice!

laughed out loud and made a little fart. No microphone though.

This is my favorite of all the jokes on this site. You sort of know what's coming, but you don't know what form. When the punchline arrives, it's even better than you imagined, and the delivery is spot-on. I simply love this becoming the event by which all time is measured. Bravo, Mr. Busch!!!

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