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David Paszamant, "Chicken"

David Paszamant ran a very successful wine business for many years. He is also an avid collector and eBay trader. Contrary to popular belief, he has never sold a chicken.


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Barney - how the hell are you? I was shocked to see this. Laughed like hell. I was sent it by my son in Wisconsin, of all places. I barely recognize Bert. He looks too young to be an "Old Jew".
I'm assuming Diane is your daughter. Loved her joke about Broccoli.
Louis Goldstein? Don't recall the name but his joke is funny enough that I'll repeat it probably a few hundred times.
Is David Paszamant from the old Paszamant family? He's also a great part of the group. Keep them coming and take good care.

I love this joke! I tell it to everyone now! This website is amazing! I love it!

Hey awesome website... I wish we could a joke everyday.

I din like the Chicken joke, as much as I loved the previous ones..... "Broccoli" is the best in lot :-)

What fun - makes you proud to be Jewish.

It's great to see some "old" and "familiar" faces! Louie, Bert and Barney: Hello from Delray Beach Fl. This thing was circulated by a neighbor of mine down here. Al Gordon sent it to me a few weeks ago and now it's back via Delray Beach!

This is just great!!

i live in florida and i love these jokes and love old jews they are very cool i am 12 years old and wish to become a old jew some day.

this is my fav joke here.... i have tortured all my friends with it :)

Brocolli is a close second


No one can tell a joke as good as an old Jew. I loved them.

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