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Bert Busch, "Health Care"

Bert Busch's mother Jeanette was the second of my grandfather's five sisters. His brothers Malcolm and Ron also contributed jokes. When we were growing up in the seventies, Bert had a groovy moustache that made him look a little like Gomez from the Addams family.


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Massogynist joke.

You mean "misogynist"? Women!

no, she has more humour than you do.

A "Massogynist" is a MASturbating mySoginist.


Awesome joke, glad I have the site bookmarked. But have the vids been switched to a different host? This one now has an ad pop up during it, and a video play at the end... makes it annoying when I want to see the last 3 jokes one after another.

medicaid / medicare

The first guy had medicare, the second gentleman had "privates" health insurance

Love the Chicken guy.

Bertram: You are the funniest. What do Uncle Molish and Tanta Chaica know about humor. I really am the expert.
Cousin Grouse

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