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Old Jews Telling Jokes: What's this thing all about?

My dad can tell a story. But he’d prefer to tell a joke.

Storytelling is a Jewish tradition.  You’ve probably seen Fiddler on the Roof.  Whenever they ask the Rabbi a question, he tugs thoughtfully on his beard and says  “let me tell you a story.” Then they sing.

Jokes are like stories, but shorter and funnier. Old jokes tend to have a stigma, but they only last if they’re good. Some of the best ones provide a window to the culture of a bygone era.  They can reveal the concerns of a generation or even the generation before.  Anxieties of coming to a new country, of prospering, of assimilating, of having families, of fearing and worrying about, well, everything. Humor was and is the ultimate anti-depressant.

My father gathered twenty of his friends to share their favorite jokes. We set three rules for the production: the joke-tellers were to be Jewish, at least sixty years of age and they were to tell their favorite joke – the one that always kills.

Here, you will find them, Old Jews Telling Jokes.

-- Sam Hoffman


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This is great! Please let me know how you choose your comics...I would like a chance!

This is a terrific site! Love the jokes! Diane is a kick.

I love your site! With the daily pile-up of dreadful news about the economy, etc., I find that I am constantly having to commiserate with congregants and trying to cheer them up. But, by now, I'm also getting pretty depressed. So imagine my delight when I happened upon you great website; I actually laughed out loud. BTW, in case you need any more jokers, I have a lot of hilarious old Jews telling jokes in my shul!

Nice blog
santosh pandey

I am a not so old (63) jew who has a funny joke to tell. How do I do it?

So I'm generally the oldest Jew in the room, though only 64, and I must say this is the funniest f****n' website I ever saw. I also fell in love with your mother! (And I know of at least one other old Jew in my shul who might pay you to tell a joke here!)

keep the site gong.

This is a very good site, and your parents' friends are great storytellers! I am not anywhere near 60, but I think this is great! It is also worth continuing and preserving.

My parents are older than your joke tellers, but this is what they grew up with. Unfortunately, many of my deceased great uncles would have been great here, particularly my Uncle Ben (my grandfather's youngest brother). This brought back some fine memories of my relatives who arrived at Ellis Island in the 1920s ...


Abe and Bessie are watching television. Abe gets up to get a Pepsi. "If you're going to the kitchen", says Bessie, "I'll take a Seltzer". "OK", says Abe. Bessie warns, "You won't forget, will you? You're getting very forgetful" "I'll remember" Says Abe. Again Bessie reminds him, "A glass of water, Abe, don't forget!"
Fifteen minutes later, Abe comes out of the kitchen with a plate of scrambled eggs, home fries, orange juice, coffee, a vase with a rose in it, all on a tray.
"See!" says Bessie, "I told you,-You forgot the toast!"

I loved this. First thing to make me laugh since that Old Jew who stole our investment money was charged.

This site is better than the pastrami at Katz and that's saying something! I love this site, the jokes are terrific and who knew that blue jokes could be delivered with such aplomb.

Its the monthly meeting of the Shul Board and the first topic on the agenda is what to get for the Mohel who is retiring after more than 50 year's faithful service to the congregation. No one can think of anything that the Mohel hasn't already got. Suddenly Moshe pipes up "Gentleman, I think I have it. You know our Mohel has a very unusual custom...instead of doing the traditional thing and burying the foreskin he has a barrel of vinegar in his room and he just tosses them in there. Just think, after 50 years, there must be a pile of them in there. Why don't we sneak in there and grab a handful and make something nice for him out of them."
"Fantastic idea" the Board agrees and they deputize the Shamus to to the deed.
At the next meeting the Board calls on the Shamus to show them what he had made...and the Shamus reaches in his pocket and pulls out a skin-colored wallet.
"What's that" cries the President, "a lousy little wallet, this man has worked for us for more than 50 years...that's not even fit for a barmitzvah boy.
Not taken aback the Shamus looks around the table at the Board members an says
"Gentlemen,gentlemen, don't criticize me too may look like an ordinary vallet to you, but you give it a couple of rubs, it becomes a suitcase!"

I have a blind friend who wants to hear the site,but cannot on his "special" PC. Is there an MP3 or some other audio feed for the site. I love this stuff. Thank you.

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