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Diane Hoffman, "Broccoli"

Diane Hoffman is my mom. She can do pretty much anything and, at any given time, is doing everything. She's also one of the few joke tellers to drop the F bomb. Kind of makes me proud.


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Hilarious! Your mom rocks :)

That little "so, nu?" face she makes at the end makes the delivery perfect.

She is hysterical! Way to go, Mom!

This could be my new favorite web site. I'm a 59 year old who is a decent story teller. I'm not Jewish but I'm thinking of converting on my 60th birthday and asking Mr Hoffman for camera time.

This was the best, by far.

this is a brilliant web site. funny, heart-warming, just perfect. I am so glad that your dad brought these people together. what a wonderful mitzvah and your insights into jokes are right on.

mazel tov.

and by the way, did you know that once two Jews had attempted to kill hitler? they heard that he was coming by a certain corner at 3:00. They waited and waited and he never came. So one Jew said to the other: I wonder where he is? I hope he's ok.


That was hilarious!

I almost wet myself. XD

This website has potential, take it from us, Bubbie and Zadie. More power to you young ones and go go go! Love it. Humor makes the world go round, well, some of the time....

I loved Glen's joke on Jan 31 too. LOL

I love this. This is what it is all about. Horray! I'm telling all my friends!

my effing hero.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Keep 'em coming!

I am 66 and have been telling a version of the broccoli joke only to me it is The Onion Joke.

This website has inspired me to suggest that you work out a way to look at jokes from those of uswho have been telling similar tales for years. Have you thought of that? For example I have a joke about a gut who goes into St, Patrick' Cathedral to confess...and another abouta couple who visit their geriatrician for their annual physicals,,,,and finally about a senior in the hospital who has a realization about his wife.

These are wonderful!!!

Diane, you made me LOL! Good timing, great delivery, you are a natural!!!

OMG, too funny, but I must admit Diane's was the best. Sam, great idea obviously coming from Mr. Creative! Hope all is well with everyone, miss you guys. But I must admit, I know alot of "old jewish people", never realized you were that funny!

These are hilarious!!!!!

Loved the broccoli joke.


This is by far the funniest out of all of them. She told it perfectly!

We think you are all fabulous and are doubling over. Thanks for letting us revisit with you all after our San Salvador moment together. We're spreading the word across the world.

She's the best.

Diane-I am ashamed I went to your wedding. Barney- he never was any good. That's some son you raised. How he immortalized his parents- he should be shot!

Lighten up Stuart..... ( see: post March 9th- Stuart Freedman )

These stories are a delight. I look forward to each Tuesday and thursday...Keep them coming. Great tribute to the " Old Jewish People", of which I am one!

Judi S. - please reread my May 9th with a Jewish accent and inflection. I think you will find it much funnier. I truly love them all.


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